We have purchased two half cows from Arellano Beef over the last few years (?) and it is the only beef we will ever buy again.

We were both raised in Tuolumne County and our parents bought locally raised meat at the locally owned grocery stores and Arellano Beef is by far the best we have had in many, many years.

First of all, we know the conditions the cattle were raised in are healthy, sanitary and sustainable. We know our beef literally comes from “Happy California Cows.”

Secondly, the flavor and quality of the beef is unrivaled. It’s lean, robust and extremely tender. You hardly need do anything to the steaks and the ground beef is probably the best we’ve ever had – especially considering the price.

We also really like the butcher that Arellano uses. They give us many options as to how we want our meat split up and their selection of spices and marinades is perfect for our tastes and family dinner menu.

The only bad part about the beef is when we run out! Honestly, we have given various cuts of meat to friends and they all rave about it as well. It’s nice to know that even if it’s our third taco night of the week, the meat will be something we can look forward to and know what our children are getting is high quality, safe, delicious and locally raised.