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Some of the best tasting grass fed beef you’ll ever have!!!

No growth hormones, no nitrite preservatives, no crowded high stress feed.

Beef is available all year round.*

To order a whole, 1/2 , or 1/4 place your order. Pricing will be per pound based on hanging weight.  Price is $8.00 / pound (dressed/hanging weight), plus $1.50 a pound for processing, vacuumed sealed, and wrapped.  Includes delivery.

*delivery expected 30-60 days after deposit is received .

Orders are reserved with a $250.00 deposit which can be made year round.  This is a deposit only and are refundable less 25% processing fee.

Arellano Cattle Company will contact you to  confirm your deposit, discuss the process, and answer any questions you may have!

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*applies to orders of 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef

$8 per pound

(Dressed/Hanging Weight)

plus $1.50 a pound for processing, vacuumed sealed, and wrapped.
(includes delivery)

Shipping Included!  No Hidden Costs!

Here are some examples of how a half cow can be broken down.

Half a beef hanging the weight is 256 lbs.

Top sirloin steaks5 lbs.5 packs
Top round thin steaks8 lbs. 5 packs
Bottom round steak3 lbs. 2 packs
Ribeye steaks9 lbs. 5 packs
New York steak5 lbs5 packs
Tri-tip3 lbs.2 packs
Sirloin tip steak7 lbs.5 packs
Rump roast5 lbs.1 pack
Chuck roast16 lbs.3 packs
Arm roast12 lbs.3 packs
Short ribs10 lbs4 packs
Ground beef56 lbs.56 packs
Soup bones19 lbs.7 packs
Boneless stew meat13 lbs.6 packs
Filet Mingnon3 lbs.3 packs

Half a beef hanging the weight is 235 lbs.

Top sirloin steaks4 lbs.4 packs
T-Bone Steak7 lbs. 7 packs
Top Thin Carne Asada6 lbs. 6 packs
Ribeye steaks5 lbs. 5 packs
Tip steak3 lbs3 packs
Tri-tip roast3 lbs.2 packs
Carne Asada3 lbs.2 packs
Rump roast
Rib eye stek6 lbs.5 packs
Arm roast11 lbs.3 packs
Back ribs8 lbs4 packs
Ground beef69 lbs.68 packs
Soup bones11 lbs.5 packs
Boneless stew meat8 lbs.6 packs
Brisket4 lbs.1 pack
Flank steak1 lbs.1 pack
Flat Iron steak5 lbs.5 packs
Skirt steak2 lbs1 pack
Hanger steak8 lbs5 packs

Half a beef hanging the weight is 311 lbs.

Top sirloin steaks7 lbs.4 packs
T-Bone Steak4 lbs. 4 packs
Ribeye steak7 lbs. 6 packs
Porterhouse6 lbs. 4 packs
Picana4 lbs2 packs
Sirloin Tip Steak7 lbs.4 packs
Rump Roast4 lbs.1 packs
Chuck Roast185
Arm roast10 lbs.3 packs
Short Ribs11 lbs4 packs
Ground beef101 lbs.99 packs
Boneless stew meat5 lbs.4 packs
Brisket5 lbs.1 pack
Hanger steak1 lbs.1 pack
Filet2 lbs.2 packs

Lean hamburger is available at $8 a pound with a minimum order of 10 pounds (1 lbs packages).

Sides are priced per pound. We will bill you the difference upon delivery. Delivery to your home or a designated spot will be made in a freezer reefer where the beef will be kept frozen at 0 degrees. This is a deposit only and are refundable less 25% transaction fee.

The average side will be about 280 lbs with a range from 240-350 lbs.  We try our best to accommodate size requests as closely as possible, but variability in the growing season means we cannot always match your request exactly

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